CODEX I: Chapter IV.- The Demons At The Penumbra

codex I>IV.- demons at the penumbra

Wolf Pack, Yuri Swedoff 2015.
Wolf Pack, Yuri Swedoff 2015. Info.

IV.- The Demons At The Penumbra

The shadows are allies with the hells, and in its darkness the demons finds asylum.

Palace is almost uninhabited, its doors have been blocked and a large part of its guards have been removed as part of the application of the Sacred Law of Mondréis. Loneliness invokes the most antique ghosts and the young man realize it when runs into a strange legation that comes up from the shadows and is taken hostage by them: their only purpose is to take the life of Iris, Queen of the Calistar.

Fear and survival are very powerful instincts and instincts are translated by rational thought. With no other option and controlled by despair, the young man faces the strange legation. In a direct confrontation with the captain, he witnesses the portents that these demons brought with them: “a prodigious elixir, worthy of give back strength to the dying and capable of curing any ill of the blood” according to the words of its bearer. The young man is overcomed greatly by such power and his fortune is decided by the fate.

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