CODEX I: Chapter V.- Signs Of A Harmful Loyalty

codex I/V.- signs of a harmful loyalty

The Constant, Luke Hillestad 2010.Info.

V.- Signs Of A Harmful Loyalty


The people love Iris, their Carado and Queen, their guide in this land of filth. The devotion of the people for their ruler has provided strength and communion to the Calistar for centuries, however, excessive devotion can lead to fanaticism.

The Strange Legation has been defeated, the investigations about its origin has started. The little clues can drive Iris to visit unpleasant people in other countries where new hidden dangers awaits.

Pride and resentment are ghosts that have brought kingdoms down in the past. The Opposition revolts at the same time that an attack against Iris takes place. She knows that the truth can only be brought to light through hard work.

Now the Queen will be busy trying to save her legacy and her people, she can hardly help the young Erestero in his search.

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