CODEX I: Chapter VII.- The Secret of the Fellbünd.


The world is a place full of secrets and some of the most valuable are jealously hidden by the greed of a few and powerful men… view in new page.

CODEX I: Chapter VI.- Dreams Of Life And Death


Just a few hours after the confrontation with the Strange Legation, the young man tries to rest in his room. This last experience has an undeniable echo in his subconscious, modifying even the shape of his dreams: Darkness and Light, Life and Death, Chaos, Greed and ... Dark Gifts carried by foreigners marks his Vigil… view in new page.

CODEX I: Chapter V.- Signs Of A Harmful Loyalty

Wolf Pack, Yuri Swedoff 2015.

The Strange legation has been defeated, the investigations about its origin has started. The little clues can drive Iris to visit unpleasant people in other countries where new hidden dangers await … view in new page.

The Demons at the Gloom – The Prodigal Elixir


It has not been easy but the young man was able to gain an advantage over his rival. The duel between strength and cunning came to an end with the Captain of the Strange Legation severely injured. Chance is fragile and turns in any direction, but only the most foolish make it turn in their favor with force and violence… view in new page.

The Demons at the Gloom – Natural Order


Caught at a crossroads and no rational options at his fingertips; dominated by primitive and instinctive impulses; blinded by those demons that hide in the gloom of the human mind and whose names are Fear and Survival; The young man reached a critical point where his life depends on two unique opportunities that, at the same time, establishes a natural order: to Kill or Die.… view in new page.

The Demons at the Gloom – A Dark Gift For The Strange Legation


Like a jewel of distant lands, like a star snatched from the skies of October or like the eye of an executed god: the young man's curiosity has been trapped by the device hanging from the left arm of each member of the strange legation... view in new page.

The Demons at the Gloom – The Strange Legation


The Palace of the Carado is empty, all the guards have been removed and the enclosure seems more an abandoned place of those where ancient ghosts wander… view in new page.

The Princess And The Warrior


He, a mestizo warrior of unbreakable will, a refugee from a country full of misfortune; she, sweet and demure princess, of privileged family and life full of infinite opportunities. Each one was the first love of the other... view in new page.

The Dragon of Broken Wings


Woman at the end of youth. She possesses sweet ways as a beautiful and demure lady, regent of a prosperous homeland, with the skill of the most astute statesman, right monarch, defender of justice and the needy, enemy of the corrupt… view in new page.

CODEX I: Chapter IV.- The Demons At The Gloom

Wolf Pack, Yuri Swedoff 2015.

The shadows are allies with the hells, and in its darkness the demons finds asylum.

Palace is almost uninhabited, its doors have been blocked and a large part of its guards have been removed as part of the application of the Sacred Law of Mondréis… view in new page.

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