The Dragon of Broken Wings

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Au Pied de la Falaise, William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1886.
Au Pied de la Falaise, William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1886.Info.

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Woman at the end of youth. She possesses sweet ways as a beautiful and demure lady, regent of a prosperous homeland, with the skill of the most astute statesman, right monarch, defender of justice and the needy, enemy of the corrupt. She is a devoted lover of her people, of their traditions and their progress. Of humble cradle and alien roots to the royalty; heir to the throne by divine election, according to the beliefs that inspire her people.

However, virtue does not absolve her from mistakes. Sometimes she makes precise decisions that have brought benefits as few of her predecessors achieved, but also shows outbursts that have sown the doubt and generates discord … a situation that some have been able to take advantage of and continues feeding with hate speeches as a rabid wolf is feeded.

She is lion and lamb. Sometimes she listens, others she squanders her authority. More than one is confused by her way of acting. Sometimes dazzles by her audacity, others stuns by her inflection. The prodigious queen suddenly becomes a whimsical girl, and so on through the years.

Only her closest collaborators have been able to delve beyond simple criticism, beyond the simple opposition to their orders. They have noticed her confused, her eyes sometimes perceived sad, more when arriving the time in which the sowings are collected; the same has been year after year, even as a girl, as a teenager and as an adult. Few know, but that was the time when her father – her only family – went to war and promised to return only to be with her, but he never came back.

Der Bienenfreund, Hans Thoma 1863.Info.

Iris, thus baptized by her father, modest man of perpetual smile, bohemian soul and magnanimous temper. She remembers with nostalgia the loving lessons that her father offered to the little girl who would one day lead such an overjoyed nation. The man lived dedicated to the work of the earth, just like everyone in his lineage. He was her best companion, her world; she, was the whole universe for him.

The Great War arrived, referred only so by some because the fear that generates its memory. It’s the most recent episode in the history of humanity where hatred and progress have been combined; ineffable machines developed, the most advanced in their time, roamed everywhere to set fire to the cities. Almost four decades of culminating continues to be remembered as the worst of conflicts ever happened. Their country participated, even though they did not initiate the dispute. The presence of men who fought was demanded, as always happens the first ones to be recruited were those of low caste: thus the father of the girl was summoned and in pain she saw him to leave, but his heart was filled with joy when a pair of years later he came back at the same time to start a new sowing. He swore he would stay forever now that the war was over, however, the enemy was only preparing a new and final campaign. A few months later his father had to leave again, but he promised that he would return with his girl who would not stop reproaching him for his departure. Strange presentiments invaded her mind more than before.

The country and the New World Order allies were celebrating the end of the bombings; its hegemony would extend for more decades; but the girl received the worst news … and the joy of her heart went out once more, but this time forever.

Your father was a hero -they told- We know the pain you may be living, but our traditions are sacred -they emphasized- Our King, as well as many brave men, including your father, were killed when the “big bomb” was detonated -they clarified- now someone must take the crown as soon as possible. You know well that the real title is not hereditary -they warned- As it has long been, the mandate is divine; the deity designates a successor marking somebody worthy among the population and everything indicates that you will be the one who guides our people in the days that you still have to live. With vows you will give yourself to your work, you will sacrifice everything that a common life entails leaving aside friendship, love, family and fraternity and, from now on, only for the welfare of your people you will have to look -then the sentence was done.

Thus the girl became queen, between the pain had to begin her preparation for the position that the beliefs of her people entrusted to her. With no opportunity to fully assimilate the loss of her father she began to grow. The years elapsed but the mourning never ended. Like a mirror broken in pairs, one face reflects a shy girl and the other a gallant head of state.

Ages by M.U. Vargas.
Base Image: Sewing, William Adolphs Bouguereau 1898. Info.
Base Image: Meditation, William Adolphe Bouguereau 1902. Info.
Base Image: Flower Girl, William Adolphs Bouguereau 1899. Info.
Base Image: Vae Victoribus (Woe To The Victors), Charles Zacharie Landell 1871. Info.

They call her the Dragon of Broken Wings, because despite her power she has not been able to take flight. Human at the end of the day. Great challenges she has faced in her government, including the catastrophe that devastated half of the country three years ago, which claimed many lives. In the same way, she has given prosperity to her people, not in vain her strategies and decisions have served to turn her nation into the owner of the largest and most efficient merchant fleet in the world. However the opposition has grown more than ever in decades and it feeds on her mistakes, there are those who augur a crisis in government in the years to come. The challenges do not end, nor will they, until the end of her reign … the end of her own life.

Title and Author Unknown.Info.

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