Knowledge must flow freely through people and their generations, no matter if it is through parchments or through bytes; Only knowledge and historical memory will set us free.

Currently the Human’s Civilization history is divided for its study in two great eras that can be seen below mentioned with some representative story tales.


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The Old World’s Age

The human being is only a little piece into a complex machine that comprise the entire universe; before the mankind there was something else that can not be easily understood and it will remain there even after the extinction of man. The history before the New World Order has been buried because it is considered harmful and disturbing for the people.

Cosmic Architecture
About The Greater And The Lower Civilizations
The First Mankind
The First Mankind’s Punishment
The Discovery Of The Ancient Ones
The Second Mankind

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The New World Order’s Age

It ranges from the identification of DNA for the first time and the gestation of such an ominous organization, until the modern age where man is beaten to master the power of nuclear fission, artificial intelligence and the capacity to reach other worlds; Obviously, without neglecting its political and economic conflicts.

About The GIIHS
The New Order Arises
The In-Yacná Brotherhood
The Great War
The Rebirth Project
The Eresteros, The Boy And The Queen
The Calistar And The Catastrophe

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