“The earth, has a skin;
and this skin has diseases.
One of these diseases, for example,
is called ‘Mankind’.”
− Thus Spoke Zarathustra


Evolution is essential for species. Civilization is a milestone. Extinction is unavoidable.

Same world; at time so similar, at time so different…
The man governs his environment, gifted with reasoning and progress; plagues the world with his industry, his nations and his laws at the same time that subdues his brothers. Since twentieth century’s beginning, and for around one hundred years, the world has been ruled by an organization known as
The New World Order, named only as The New Order for practical uses. Its principles are based on ideals of racial superiority that supposedly leads to economic and industrial progress: for that reason it only summons the ethnic groups and countries considered “pure” and economically prosperous, it means, those supposedly free from the GIIHS (Genetically Insufficient Individual’s Hereditary Syndrome) on their blood.

Some decades after the DNA discovery, was confirmed the existence of a genes group that modifyes the human’s body correct functioning. This genes, so rooted on the DNA as if they were part of the humanity’s essence, make prone a several ethnicity groups to chronic degenerative diseases, congenital disorders and another physical illness. Even the anxiety levels and aggressive behavior increase exponentially when the GIIHS is present. According to experts, this last added to the ability of the human being to organize and perform tasks together, is the true origin of war. The human being is able to turn his natural sensations into structured thoughts, thus transforms anxiety into fear and aggression into hatred, while creating new concepts such as greed and raises them to the level of passions; And war is the mass expression of mankind’s darkest passions.

It seems that the mankind’s nature problem lies under its own flesh; its own essence is its condemnation, like if all its evolution drive to its self destruction.

Muscles of the Face by Daniel Maidman. Info.

In the quest for purity, the New Order has been responsible for subjecting external people and keeping them in misery and marginalization, a situation that even decades ago led to a war, the most terrible of them all to date. However, the obstinacy of the New Order is great and thirty-five years ago it declared the beginning of the Rebirth Project, through which he seeks to cleanse this world of those people he considers to be ill, those sunk into socio-political conflicts most of their history. Every year begins a campaign of extermination against different towns marked by the New Order and its hegemony.

At survive to The Great War, whose sole purpose was to overthrow the New Order, it demonstrated that it is the greatest political, economic, ideological and military force ever conceived. In his race to exterminate the foreign peoples, it seems that nothing can stand in the way. In the world there are no divine powers that send heralds to do justice to who deserves it; in antiquity were created anecdotes of heroes and their epics to inspire people to fight on hard times. The New Order was responsible for burying Old World’s history and with it the legacy of the heroes and myths of yesteryear.

The New Order Logo, by Uriel Vargas 2017.

As mentioned, heroes do not exist, there are only people who are willing to fight for the welfare of people regardless of the sacrifices that this means and that is the purpose of the current narrative: here is taken up the story of a young man, a Simple man who will do his best to prevent his people from being destroyed by the greed and hatred of a handful of men. The only gift that this young man possesses is to have been born “pure” in the midst of a sick people, an event never seen before, considered as a natural aberration by some but defying the same precepts of the New Order. This is the modern epic of an individual who will break chains where others only saw defeat and will open paths for future generations, even without knowing if his company will succeed. Likewise the young man will learn that the way to glory is full of sacrifices.


How You Can Know The History Tale?
The story is divided into 3 parts called Codex and in each one you can see the Index of chapters that compose them. Little by little the entries will be added in the page Recent Posts, at the same time that they will be added in the Codex-Chapter that corresponds in chronological order.




Besides, you can consult the additional information about the world, the New Order birth and other historical events occurred before the beginning of the story tale.


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