codex I

“Man is only disguise, falsehood, and hypocrisy
and all these dispositions,
so removed from justice and reason,
have a natural root in his heart.”
− Blaise Pascal


The world is old and complex, it hides great secrets; some are lost in their immensity, while others have been hidden by the greed and ambition of a few.

The Rebirth project runs with vehemence, multiple provinces have been razed and more than one ethnic group in the world has been exterminated in these fifteen years. Time is running out for the young protagonist of this story; his people, the Eresteros, are next on the list and the forces of the New Order have announced their imminent arrival. His closest allies have declared not being able to help him due to personal issues, his desperation manifests but an opportunity for salvation arises that will take him to a journey with little chance of victory.

The young man has lived far from his country, his people and his misery; since childhood he was adopted by the queen of the country of Calistar and there he was brought up with the delights of a prince. However, concern for his people has always been present in his mind and heart.

Desperate, without options and driven by vertiginous events, he decides to start his search following unlikely stories of a tangled past, of an old world that few know.

On his way the young man will discover truths that were hidden centuries ago, stories that reveals the great crimes of the New Order. The people depends on the preservation of their past; hence the concern of the New Order to erase the history of the Old World and there is no doubt that they will do whatever it takes to keep the past buried.

Heroes do not depend on divine blessings or metaphysical forces, but on the dedication and courage with which they defend a just cause. It does not matter if the glory is not reached in life, eternity and transcendence is reserved only for those truly worthy, who, in turn, will inspire the lives of others. All this and more the young man will learn on this difficult journey.


I.- Whims
II.- Memories
III.- A Fall’s Preface
IV.- The Demons At The Gloom
V.- Signs Of A Harmful Loyalty
VI.- Dreams Of Life And Death
VII.- The Secret Of The Fellbünd
VIII.- Revelations Of The Company
IX.- A Kind Welcome
X.- The Encyclopedia
XI.- The Conclave
XII.- Requiem For An Old Friend
XIII.- The Journey Through The Mountains
XIV.- The Bridge Has Fallen
XV.- The Riverbed
XVI.- The Captivity Of The Warrior (Part I)
XVII.- The Captivity Of The Warrior (Part II)
XVIII.- Οπρασνατηοσ (Oprasnathos)
XIX.- At The Abysses Depth
XX.- Infinite Product

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