The Demons at the Gloom – The Prodigal Elixir

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Dissolve, by Giovanni Maisto from series Liquid Mind 2016. Info.

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It has not been easy but the young man was able to gain an advantage over his rival. The duel between strength and cunning came to an end with the Captain of the Strange Legation severely injured. Chance is fragile and turns in any direction, but only the most foolish make it turn in their favor with force and violence. There is still one last card left to play: the dark gift that the strange legation carried with them, that device that hung from their arms and held two small glass containers; gift that the Captain claims to have been granted by fateful lords and that is imbued with the blood of dark deities of an ancient era.

The library of the Palace became the lair of his rival, the spiderweb of a powerful and terrible beast that waited for the young man with some ruse prepared. Without luck or portents on his side, the young man found in darkness the perfect ally for someone who spent his childhood in the shadows using other senses. Ear and touch shown him the direction while instinct and courage marked the right time to act. His blows, although well trained but lacking in rage, were little against an experienced soldier; but the fall of a heavy shelf was enough to hurt his rival and weaken him. Now the young man submits the Captain with the intention of delivering him to the authorities of the Calistar to interrogate him and know the origin of the strange legation and the reasons to assassinate the Queen of the Calistat.

— My Gods have blessed me with their glory, contrary to you I can see — Said the Captain in a weak voice and almost muted before releasing a laugh so deep that it could scare away the most tenacious spirits in the place — With me you will see the unique and powerful elixir, unmatched, able to cure all evil of the flesh, to give back the dying brios and grant the strength of legendary demigods to those who consume it.

Thus said the Captain and the content of the glass vessels was injected into his flesh. In an instant he stood up like someone who wakes up rejuvenated from a long nap and freed himself without any problem from the subject of the young man throwing him into the air as if it was a child who subjected him. Fast as lightning, powerful as a titan: the Captain moves everywhere, hurting the young man over and over again without even giving him a chance to defend himself.

— My mistake was to underestimate you, you showed me that the veteran’s experience can easily be mocked by the rookie’s skill. My people will know about you, but they won’t talk about your death in my hands, instead, I’ll tell everybody that you perished after suffering more than one hundred wounds and so will count the generations that will come after you and me — Pronounces the Captain while holding the young man increasing more and more the pressure on his neck with the intention of breaking it in a few seconds. The young man, still on the threshold between life and death, weakened by the lack of oxygen, does not stop thinking about his people: Eresteros condemned for the illness that plague his flesh and genome, now they won’t have anyone trying to save them anymore because the only one concerned has been overcome by the power of such an elixir.

Mystical night, night of ghosts and demons hidden in the gloom; Which other demons could turn chance in favor of the young man now that the God of the Calistar has abandoned him?

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