The Princess And The Warrior

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Au Pied de la Falaise, William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1886.
Title Unknown, Artist Unknown. Info.

He, a mestizo warrior of unbreakable will, a refugee from a country full of misfortune; She, sweet and demure princess, of privileged family and life full of infinite opportunities. Each one was the first love of the other. They formed a sincere relationship, devoid of wounds that leave the illusions broken by foolish and immature loves. They had nothing to hide; there was nothing to escape from. They were an example of sincerity and dedication for others, but they were not perfect because love is only tested in the face of the storm.


Ceremonial, wlop. Info.

Together they had the strength of an unstoppable army. Neither empires nor regimes could against them, because only the force of love and its actions transcend through the ages. They were the strength of the other and provided heat of suns.

The young man swore to take care of his beloved woman before any adversity, but time spoke and the events came like an unstoppable storm surge. The will and determination of the young man were not enough to stop the catastrophe that overwhelmed a nation. Like many others, the girl became a memory and a very deep wound was enunciated in the soul of the warrior, a grief that will hardly heal with a lifetime.

Unknown Name, Lukasz Wodynski. Info.

Thus the young man understood that there are forces in the world that can not be brought down; it is impossible to stop chance. Although one has control over one’s actions, the actions of others and their consequences are hardly counteracted; and much less we can fight against the events that the world holds. Similarly, it was clear that the events of the past, no matter how much distress they produce, cannot be changed.

For today’s day already there are three years of the tragedy: so many nights of missing her; many days of talking in solitude and thinking that he talks to her; innumerable moments of reviewing her features and her delicate anatomy to try to remember every detail and avoid losing her in the unfathomable memory.

The young man can not overcome the loss of the woman he swore to protect at all costs. In moments he looks himself skinny, he perceives his legs short and his arms incapable of any effort. Impotence subjugates him and he can not find asylum even before the complicated journey that he is about to face.

Sunset, wlop. Info.

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