CODEX I: Chapter II.- Memories

codex I>II.- memories

Springtime / Le Printemps, 1873, Pierre Auguste Cot
Springtime / Le Printemps, Pierre Auguste Cot 1873. Info.

II.- Memories

The young man undergoes a routine of physical training, so hard and extensive that it serves to calm his inner demons while Iris is in the capital of the New Order, any resolution about his people overwhelms him. Meanwhile the ghosts of the past torment him, to his mind come fatuous memories and the pain of the loss of loved ones during past catastrophes. The queen is about to return and he considers his training finished today.


Iris arrives where her people: a set of marine platforms with nomadic capacity that were adapted to harbor her population, turned into refugees by a natural catastrophe happened a few years ago and that devastated half of the country of the Calistar.

The queen of Calistar, better known as Carado Praetor, must prepare tonight for a big meeting with all the political class of her people and she will talk about the Maximantdre’s resolution regarding the Eresteros. Iris pays a lot of attention to the Eresteros and her people reproach her. Iris is a great statesman, but human after all: she is afraid to face the young man, whom she loves as a son, even more than she fears to face the most voracious politicians.

Tonight the past and the present will collide to decide the future.


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