The Demons at the Gloom – The Strange Legation

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Three Masks by by Ray Donley.Info.

The Palace of the Carado is empty, all the guards have been removed and the enclosure seems more an abandoned place of those where ancient ghosts wander.

Title and Author Unknown.Info.

The young man’s worst fear becomes reality when a cold hand emerges from the shadows and holds him by the neck, an arm without heat as a dead submits him and a deep, resonant, voice speaks for him from his back.
— I am what you fears at the nights; I am that presence that you implore to chase away in prayers; between shadows I live and tonight I’ve decided to make presence in the plane of the living.

— Speak, Demon! — exclaims the young man, trying to avoid his voice to crumble by his fear — Shade, Spectre or Succubus, no matter what you are looking for, leave before the God of the Calistar punishes you with his strength.

— Your mestizo traits give you away. — Answers the same voice behind the young man — No god cares about foreigners no matter how much they pray to him. So there will be nothing to prevent me from taking the soul of your queen, because to end her life is the desire of powerful and fateful lords who bless my arms and my weapons with their prodigies. You will reveal the chamber of your queen or you will die.

— It is unthinkable what you ask, I will not betray my moth… my queen!!!

A second voice replies, just as deep as the first, but this time the young man recognizes an artificial tone in it, as if it were a machine that speaks or some kind of translator device. The voice now comes from in front of him.

— Hahahahaha… Demon or Terror of the Night, whatever, you should be afraid if you meet one; fear even more if we are five the ones you have to face. We are the unstoppable force that destroys legacies and buries ages, dynasties had fell by our blow and your queen won’t be the exception.

In front of him, from the shadows, he sees an artificial face emerge: a mask with the shape of an inverted pyramid covers the head of a individual that stands proud and arrogant like a captain; an apex of the pyramid stands out aggressively at the height of the forehead. His lean body of strong back and arms is covered by a tight black suit of few reliefs that shows a pair of luminescent emblems on his shoulders. To his flanks two other individuals with similar outfits reveals themselves. Their thermo-optic camouflages are lost only until they leave the most dim gloom. At the same time he feels in his right temple a cylindrical object that is pressed with strength, is the fifth of these “demons” that threatens the young man with a weapon.

If the situation gets more complicated, the young man shall make a drastic decision motivated mainly by his more primitive impulses.

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