Cosmic Architecture

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File: Cosmic Architecture
[lost data]
[lost data]
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We, the [lost data] have given ourselves the task of studying for centuries the complexity of this world and the universe itself; The sciences are the only way to understand the complexity of the Whole. Behold our discoveries…

Cosmic Architecture
Cosmic Architecture by M. U. Vargas.
Base image: Milky Way over the Pinnacles in Australia by Michael Goh. Info.
Base image: Title unknown by stuz0r . Info.

The universe is governed by unwritten laws that compose the precepts of science; These dictate the proper process of its entire structure; Each of them is inescapable and can only be annulled by action of another law of greater hierarchy.

The structure of the universe is constituted in the way of a perfect and harmonic machine in perpetual motion; Is provided with multiple pieces that performs a determined task and whose fulfillment ensures the stability of the cosmos completely. That is to say, as black holes, comets, stars, planets and their ecosystems, the chaos between each one of them … everything has a purpose and obeys equally the original design and its norms.

This world, −any world− as a component of the universe, obeys all its precepts and reproduces in the scale that corresponds its laws: its seas, its satellite, its mountains, its clouds, each of the animal and plant species that inhabit it are nothing but components of a greater order whose rules must obey.

Component of the Astral Machine
Component of the Astral Machine by Uriel Vargas.
Base image: Title and autor unknown. info.

There are hierarchies between components, so some play a more relevant role than others and are more closely linked to the essence of the whole. In this way, the mechanisms that maintain the fluctuation of space-time are more relevant than the existence of an animal species in the valleys of this world; Although both, as components, are indispensable.

[lost data]
[lost data]
[lost data]

“Everything is transformed…”
− so dictates a law.

“Everything is a cycle; there is always a beginning and an end: as stars and species obey this rigor…”
− so dictates a law of greater hierarchy.

[lost data]
[lost data]
[lost data]

The transgression of one of these laws or the elimination of some of the components by some third agent implies the addition of a conflict in the universe-machine that will propagate through its hierarchical line in ascending direction. This sum of conflicts will eventually lead to the collapse of the world or of the universe itself. Obeying the hierarchy of the components, the elimination or alteration of some high hierarchy will cause a greater conflict.

[lost data]
[lost data]
[lost data]

The man, still young and full of arrogance, ignores the complicated beauty of cosmic architecture; he supposes being above his ecosystem and destroys it. He does not realize that his actions will sooner or later bring some consequence of greater dimensions. As a component of this world is already condemned to his extinction. His developing sciences and his lack of vision are not enough for him to understand at least the basic precepts of the prodigious order where he belongs.

Title unknown, by Travis Bedel
Title unknown, by Travis Bedel. info.

All this we know well the [lost data] who have studied the evolution of the world and the stars that accompany him through the ages and thus will be until our cycle is completed, a law of higher hierarchy dictate otherwise or someone foolish enough to dare to violate the laws of the universe.

Connection interrupted…▐

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