CODEX I: Chapter III.- A Fall’s Preface

codex I>III.- a fall’s preface

Coronation of Charlemagne, Friedrich Kaulbach 1861.
Coronation of Charlemagne, Friedrich Kaulbach 1861. Info.

III.- A Fall’s Preface

The reunion takes place in the Palace of the Carado. The entire political class has come: from the most coherent person to the most foolish; from the most idealistic one to the most cynical; all of them have come to listen to the words of their queen, but rather they seem to have come to stone her. The conflict is unleashed when Horthent appears, the main representative of the opposition, which has gained strength in recent years and feeds on hate speeches that magnify the Iris errors.


The opposition clamours for the application of the Sacred Law of Mondréis, which could depose Iris… and end with the Carado Praetor as a form of government for the Calistar.

By his own, the young man seeks spiritual asylum in the Main Temple, the home of the supreme God for the Calistar. After an spiritual conversation the young man returns to Palace and the Priest in Chief has a vision of a tragedy that will happen this very night.

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