The Demons at the Gloom – A Dark Gift For The Strange Legation

codex I>IV.- demons-at-the-gloom> demons-at-the-gloom-dark-gift-for-strange-legation

The Journey To The West, Wei Feng Info.

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A Dark Gift For The Strange Legation

Like a jewel of distant lands, like a star snatched from the skies of October or like the eye of an executed god: the young man’s curiosity has been trapped by the device hanging from the left arm of each member of the strange legation.

Supported by a sophisticated and small frame, two glass cylinders labeled with inscriptions of an alphabet that the young man does not know, with only a few millimeters in diameter and little more than a couple of centimeters long: the first, with everlasting green content; the second, returns from crimson to blue before calm.

The Captain of the Legation assures that Dark Gods gave them precious and powerful gifts, which they imbued with their own blood. The young man wonders if this device and the substance in the arms of the Legation is one of those gifts and, if so, what will be the effects of it?

The young man’s concern about the mysterious device is replaced from time to time by concern about his own life. The legation claims to kill the young man if he does not reveal the place where his queen rests at night. The young man can not afford such a betrayal and tries buy time until something, anything, whatever it is, allows him to find a way out of such a complicated situation.

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