The Demons at the Gloom – Natural Order

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Realistic Contrasting Skull by Matt Gardiner 2016.Info.

Caught at a crossroads and no rational options at his fingertips; dominated by primitive and instinctive impulses; blinded by those demons that hide in the gloom of the human mind and whose names are Fear and Survival; The young man reached a critical point where his life depends on two unique opportunities that, at the same time, establishes a natural order: to Kill or Die.

After the strange legation took him hostage, in the absence of any alarm and presence of guards at the Palace of the Carado, his only option to gain time was to guide his captors without a fixed course through how many corridors and corners Palace lists. Suspicions of some trick were present, and threats of death increased.

The young man spent his prayers in silence before each image of the God of the Calistar that was in the Palace, until he realized that he is not pleased with the favor of this God for being born in another land. The only possible salvation shall build it with his own hands.

The last part of his trick was to bring them to one of the many libraries in the Palace, swearing that his queen’s bedchamber was behind those doors of fine wood and beautiful details.

Knowing that his trick would be discovered in a matter of seconds and that his life is in danger, his only option was to snatch the weapon that was tilting his back to try to subdue his adversaries with the simple threat. But the determination of his rivals made his reason clouded; despair, anguish and a sudden blow of adrenaline resulted in an abrupt action that was culminated in a matter of seconds while they were trying to draw their weapons.

Terrified, the young man admires his fatuous work: four of his captors have fallen by the sudden blow of his armed hand. His hands have been stained with blood. It doesn’t matter if they are dire people, lives in the end; even with the intention of defending himself, he has murdered, of that there is in doubt.

The power to snatch lives, represented by a weapon, is more seductive than apparent; It is a very sweet wine that is hardly rejected, less when its taste is fresh on the palate.

The library door opens a bit, the Captain inside discovered the deception. The young man knows that his last rival awaits him in the shadows, stealthy, vehemently, with some ruse. The young man will have to rely on his abilities and his training that very surely does not match the experience or the inclemency of his antagonist. The wolf and the fox will face each other in a few moments and only the natural order will prevail.

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