CODEX I: Chapter I.- Whims

codex I>I.- whims

Ships in Distress in a Storm, Peter Monami c.1720–30
Ships in Distress in a Storm, Peter Monami c.1720–30. Info.

I.- Whims

In the capital of the New Order, Iris, Queen of the Calistar meets with Almenabar, maximum ruler of the New Order, also called Maximantdre or Máximo. Iris demands a reprieve for the Eresteros and, after some arguments, Almenabar relents; however, imposes only one condition: Iris must to prove that the GIIHS has disappeared from the blood of the Eresteros, it’s necessary to present a second individual, that is, a “pure blood” woman as the young man is… in no longer than ninety-six hours.

He, chimera formed by arrogance and ego; she, dragon of pride and caprice. Both argue and the meeting ends. Power corrupts, it is undoubted; for Almenabar the amount of power he possesses has had its effects over the years.

These are complicated times, allies are scarce and the danger is imminent. Strange and obscure characters lurk to Iris and reveal truths that will affect the future of many.

Iris returns to her homeland, where the young man whom she adopted as her son is now, whom she swore to protect and help. She doesn’t knows how to choose appropriate words to explain him how complicated, and almost impossible, it will be to help his people.

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