CODEX I: Chapter IV.- The Demons At The Gloom

Wolf Pack, Yuri Swedoff 2015.

The shadows are allies with the hells, and in its darkness the demons finds asylum.

Palace is almost uninhabited, its doors have been blocked and a large part of its guards have been removed as part of the application of the Sacred Law of Mondréis… view in new page.

CODEX I: Chapter III.- A Fall’s Preface

Coronation of Charlemagne, Friedrich Kaulbach 1861.

The reunion takes place in the Palace of the Carado. The entire political class has come: from the most coherent person to the most foolish; from the most idealistic one to the most cynical; all of them have come to listen to the words of their queen, but rather they seem to have come to stone her…  view in new page.

CODEX I: Chapter II.- Memories


The young man undergoes a routine of physical training, so hard and extensive that it serves to calm his inner demons while Iris is in the capital of the New Order, any resolution about his people overwhelms him. Meanwhile the ghosts of the past torment him… view in new page.

CODEX I: Chapter I.- Whims

Ships in Distress in a Storm, Peter Monami c.1720–30

Power corrupts, it is undoubted; for Almenabar the amount of power he possesses has had its effects over the years.

These are complicated times, allies are scarce and the danger is imminent... view on new page

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